Category: Executive Search

What is Transformational Talent?

Written by Matt Schwartz on October 13, 2015

Transformational TalentTM Defined Transformational Talent might be one of those buzzwords you hear across executive search firms; but unlike other fads, it’s not going to fade from relevance. Successful businesses stay industry leaders by being the best…committing themselves to innovation, offering […]

5 Tips For Recruiting The "Crème De La Crop”

Written by Matt Schwartz on May 29, 2013

Finding the best employee to fill a role is crucial in any organization, but it is especially critical when recruiting for top positions. When hiring C-Level candidates, the cost of a bad hire can be more than a monetary setback; […]

Tips from Behind The Desk: Interviews

Written by Matt Schwartz on April 3, 2013

Interviewing can be an arduous task for many, and to some, the interview is simply a conversation. The goal of the interview should be to get the candidate tell you their career story, especially when hiring for executive positions. When […]

Going Beyond LinkedIn

Written by Matt Schwartz on March 27, 2013

It is no secret that recruiters rely heavily on LinkedIn’s database that consists of over 200 million members. Although recruiters pay a premium for LinkedIn membership, one cannot rest on their laurels and rely solely on LinkedIn. Going beyond LinkedIn […]

The Truth About LinkedIn Endorsements

Written by Matt Schwartz on April 10, 2013

What does a LinkedIn endorsement really say about you? Nothing. Due to the lack of credibility, endorsements have garnered a pejorative connotation. With fairness to LinkedIn, it was a valiant effort to boost the little interaction that occurs between connections, […]

Can Your Executive Search Firm Handle Your Position?

Written by Matt Schwartz on July 16, 2012

When interviewing and evaluating retained executive search firms for a senior-level role in your organization, let intuition be your guide. Start with the questions. Even before being hired, the initial questions that a search firms asks—about your company culture, your […]

Putting a Positive Spin on Executive Search

Written by Matt Schwartz on August 17, 2012

We’ll just come out and say it: Executive Search Recruiters share a reputation as a shifty lot. They can be perceived—by clients and candidates—as overly aggressive, overly persistent, imprecise, inaccurate…and expensive. But this mindset is taxing…especially if you have a […]

Is The Art of Courtship Dead?

Written by Matt Schwartz on May 14, 2012

Acquiring senior-level recruits might feel like a transaction: you pinpoint a candidate, make an offer, negotiate the deal, and close. If so, it’s a transaction on the most human possible level. For that reason, you’ve got to create comfort—or risk […]

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