Initial Consultation

From the outset, MJS works with you to set specific goals and expectations. MJS helps you define the position and establish criteria for the qualities of a successful candidate.

MJS also uses this time to learn about your corporate culture to ensure that candidates are a good fit personally and professionally.

Search Strategy

Based on the agreed upon search criteria, MJS develops an overall recruitment strategy.

This strategy typically identifies organizations, industry connections, opportunities, known candidates, and other factors important to the process—as well as establishes projected timelines.

Assessment and Selection

Using a variety of interview and screening techniques, MJS determines the suitability of potential candidates for your position.

MJS then selects the top candidates who most closely match the search criteria.

Updates and Reporting

Throughout the process, MJS provides summary reports on all screened candidates until the finalist is chosen.

These reports compare prospects to the search criteria and provide an assessment of their overall strengths and weaknesses.

Interviews and Debriefing

MJS arranges interviews between you and the candidates.

Following each interview, MJS then debriefs both parties to gauge mutual interest and assess the likelihood of a successful placement.

Reference Checks, Compensation Offers…and More!

MJS performs background and reference checks on the finalist using references provided by the candidate as well as other industry sources. You can also put MJS’s knowledge of industry compensation levels and trends to work for you during the negotiation and offer stage.

And as always, MJS remains available throughout to answer questions and guide you to appropriate resources.

Functional Specialties:

  • Marketing
  • Digital/Interactive
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • General Management
  • AI & Machine Learning

Industry Specialties:

  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  • Internet & E-commerce
  • Professional Services
  • Entertainment, Media & Sports
  • Financial Services