Completed Searches

MJS Executive Search has performed searches for candidates that are essential to client success. Check out some of the positions MJS Executive Search has recently completed below.

  • JV CEO
American Express
  • VP of Online Communications
  • VP Interactive Development
  • VP Digital Marketing Acquisition
  • VP, Marketing and Communications
Applebee’s Restaurants
  • Director of Social Media and Digital Content
  • Director of North American Sales
The Bruery
  • Head of Marketing
Cellfish Media
  • VP of Marketing
  • Online Campaign Manager
Centerra Wine Company
  • Director of Marketing
The College Board
  • Chief Marketing Officer
Cycling Sports Group
  • Director of Global Marketing
Dempsey & Carroll
  • President
  • Senior Manager of Email Marketing
  • Manager of Email Marketing
  • VP of Sales
Egana Goldpfeil
  • U.S. President
Equinox Fitness
  • VP of Marketing
  • Senior Director of Sales
  • Head of Marketing
  • Director, Crisis Communications
  • Director, Global Marketing Communications
Hunter Douglas
  • Head of Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Leader
  • Director of Internal Communications
Juice Wireless
  • EVP of Finance and Administration
  • Senior Director of Marketing
Leading Financial Services Company
  • SVP Head of Segment Marketing & Acquisition
  • SVP Media
  • VP Communications and Awareness/Cyber Security
  • VP Cyber Security
  • VP Principal Data Scientist
  • VP Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Innovation
  • VP Employee Engagement & Collaboration
  • Head Internal Communications
  • SVP, Unified Customer Profile
  • SVP, Communications Product and Innovation
  • Chief Integration Officer
New York Life
  • VP, Digital Marketing
  • Head Media Strategy
  • VP, Customer Experience and Analytics
  • VP, Marketing, Broad Market
  • VP, Marketing, Annuities
  • Flagship General Manager
  • VP of Sales
Peer 1 Hosting
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • CMO of Emerging Beverage Growth, Naked Juice/Izze
  • VP, Public Relations
  • VP, Corporate Communications (Pepsi Bottling Group)
  • Senior Director, Smart Equipment Innovation
  • Senior Director of Global Social Media
  • Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Development
  • Senior Director of Food Service Innovation
  • Senior Director, Marketing Equipment Innovation (2)
  • Director, Smart Equipment Analytics (Big Data)
  • Director of External Affairs
  • Senior Manager, Digital Communications
  • Customer Marketing Manager
  • Director, Marketing Naked Juice/Izze
  • Gatorade, Head of Media and Consumer Engagement
Pitney Bowes
  • SVP, Product Global eCommerce
  • VP, Product Management, pbSmartPostage Products
  • VP, Product Marketing
  • Global Digital Products & Business Lead
  • Senior Director, Customer Marketing
  • VP, Global Ecommerce Sales
  • VP, Web Marketing
  • Head Web/Digital Marketing
Peer 1 Hosting
  • Chief Marketing Officer
Prestige Brands
  • Director of New Product Development
  • Senior Brand Manager, Oral Care
  • Brand Manager, Household Products
  • Brand Manager, GI
  • Social Media Manager
  • Pricing Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Associate Brand Manager
Retail Solutions
  • SVP of Sales
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Senior Director of Business Development
  • Senior Director of Global Customer Experience
Shorelight Education
  • CMO
Source Marketing
  • President
  • VP, Account Management
  • Director Enterprise and Corporate Sales
  • Director of E-Commerce
Turnberry Associates
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Senior Brand Manager, Interior Paint
  • Senior Brand Manager, Exterior Paint
  • President, North America
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP, North American Sales
  • VP, Finance and Operations
  • Head of Supply Chain

Functional Specialties:

  • Marketing
  • Digital/Interactive
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • General Management
  • AI & Machine Learning

Industry Specialties:

  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  • Internet & E-commerce
  • Professional Services
  • Entertainment, Media & Sports
  • Financial Services