What is Transformational Talent?

Transformational TalentTM Defined

Transformational Talent might be one of those buzzwords you hear across executive search firms; but unlike other fads, it’s not going to fade from relevance.

Successful businesses stay industry leaders by being the best…committing themselves to innovation, offering exceptional customer experiences, and often, disrupting industries.

Look at how Apple disrupted the music industry with its invention of iTunes and the iPod. They made it much more convenient for consumers to buy, store, and listen to music…so customers made the switch in droves.

Consider how Netflix put Blockbuster and Hollywood Video out of business using technology to distribute movie titles in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Top industry leaders hire the right people to transform their operations. They understand if they fail to innovate, eventually the status quo won’t be enough to withstand changes in technology, the global marketplace, and evolving customer demands.

Learn how to avoid this fate and become an industry leader with Transformational Talent TM. Before we continue, it’s important to define what Transformational Talent TM is, so you can better implement Transformational Talent TM into your business leadership strategy.

Transformational TalentTM Is…

Transformational Talent TM is extraordinary executives that bring diverse skillsets, experience, and forward-thinking vision into organizations. In many cases, this means hiring a leader from a different sector or industry to bring their insights to your organization.

Transformational Talent TM helps new and established companies innovate to create more engaging products, redefine organizations, and outpace competitors.

This might look like a major soda manufacturer hiring a social media platform developer to design and implement a strategy that makes their products more appealing and relevant to the millennial market.

Or a marketing firm that hires an experienced music record executive to shift their corporate strategy to more successfully impact a growing urban market.

Companies That Use Transformational TalentTM 

Many Fortune 500s use Transformational Talent TM to give them the competitive edge that they need to remain relevant.

When LucasFilms worked out a deal with Steve Jobs for their Computer Graphics Division, Jobs successfully turned a single department into the animated movie studio, Pixar.

Good companies become great when they identify opportunities for development or improvement and find people with the right vision to make lasting change.

Smart startups also use Transformational Talent TM to establish successful companies. They need differentiation in the marketplace and recognize investing in the right talent makes the difference.

Consider successful startups like Amazon and Zappos. They invested in the best people and the right technology, and the result has forever changed how we shop online.

Finding Transformational TalentTM

Executive searches can be difficult, as it’s hard to find someone who has the experience and abilities to meet your needs. Sometimes that person doesn’t exist, at least in your industry.

Our advice is to evaluate what it is you need and what other industries might already utilize those skills. For instance, if you want to integrate more technology into your food manufacturing plant, you may need to look at IT sectors and software development leaders to find just the right fit.

Allow yourself to experiment and look at other unrelated industries to see what kind of talent currently exists on the market. Invent the right person for the role by approaching someone who wouldn’t necessarily look at your industry in the first place.

If you’re looking for Transformational TalentTM for your organization, contact us today. We partner with successful organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, who use Transformational TalentTM to power their organizations.

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