Tips from Behind The Desk: Interviews

Interviewing can be an arduous task for many, and to some, the interview is simply a conversation. The goal of the interview should be to get the candidate tell you their career story, especially when hiring for executive positions. When staffing for executive positions the conversation should progress from their skill sets to responsibilities and accomplishments they have had and the steps they took to achieve them.

interview-tipsAllowing the candidate to share specific examples from real life occurrences is essential when evaluating their fit for the role. Analyzing past roles is a great way to get started. “What did you do in this role? Who did you interact with? What were some obstacles? What were the results?” These questions can help you envision the candidate in the position, as well determining if the candidate possesses the key criteria you have established to be fitting for the role.

Once you have been able to establish that a candidate has met the criteria for a role, it is time to make sure they see themselves to be fit for the position. At this point, by simply asking, “What about the job description made you interested in the role?” and “It is day one on the job, what do you do next?” you can start to gauge the enthusiasm they have for the role.

It is often my goal to identify candidates dedicated to the re-imagination of business. For those looking for “transformational” new executives that have the skill set, background, and passion to meet organizations functional goals. Asking about the risks taken in their career that have set them apart from their peers, is a good place to start. Determining if they possess the pioneering demeanor that pushes them to keep up with the latest practical skill sets and continue studying new skills that they can bring with them all play into what I call Transformational Talent.

Has the candidate given you enough information that you are comfortable that they are qualified and interested? Do they have the experience that matches up with the role? If answer is no, keep probing!

What questions do you ask in an interview? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments below!

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