Searches That Reflect Your Values

Every so often, a company needs to take stock and examine its values. As MJS Executive Search edges closer to our 10th anniversary, we wanted to see if we were on target with ours. So we took our current values and distilled them into an acronym. It’s called S.E.A.R.C.H.

Not only does S.E.A.R.C.H. spell out the values of our search firm, it reflects many of our clients’ values, too. And that, in turn, reminds us that your search firm ought to reflect your strongest interests:

“S” Stands for Smart

As a retained executive search firm, we are not simply order takers. We listen to your stated requirements, and then apply our expertise—before going out and selling the job. This way, we can refine your search, set your expectations …and simultaneously shoot for the moon.

“E” Equals Efficient

Many of you are in the same boat: you need your new hire today. The more efficient our process, the quicker you can bring him/her on board. After 9 years, we’ve developed processes to unearth the right person: quickly and accurately.

“A” Means Accountable

All of our search consultants own their searches, a belief that eliminates finger pointing—and keeps our eye on the ball: the right candidate in the quickest timeframe.

“R” Indicates Resourceful

Tools like LinkedIn and Facebook are useful, but we also leverage a) our own network, and b) hardcore independent research.

“C” Refers to Our Collaborative Nature

Our weekly intra-company status check-ins mine our own resources—sourcing leads and solutions across teams. Perhaps one search consultant has a promising candidate; another has a creative answer to a compensation issue; and a third a solution to a spousal conflict.

“H” is About Having Happy Clients

Without happy clients, we wouldn’t get repeat business, so making sure 100% of our clients are thrilled is absolutely in our best interests…as well as yours.

What do you think? What are your company’s values, and how are they reflected on the search firms you work with, or the candidates they find?

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