iPhone Not Included: Thoughts from MJS Executive Search

In a time where the latest iPhone speculation is breaking news, and a new model release sells more units daily than babies born worldwide, brought me to a thought. The executive search process is very similar to the anticipation of the latest all-star in Apple’s line-up.

iphone 5 white - front, side and back viewA recruiter takes a similar excitement to potential candidates as the masses gearing up to purchase the iPhone 5, which is set to debut in September. In the Executive Search process, recruiters are often overwhelmed by hype and speculation that leads them to dead ends and confusion about the qualifications of candidates.

Prior to the release of the iPhone 4s, many speculated that is was to be 4G and light-years ahead of anything else on the market. While not completely disappointing, the speculations and misinformation only left something to be desired.

It is important that factors that impress an executive search recruiter do not leave something to be desired if expectations or qualifications are not met.

In the search for the iPhone 5 of candidates, MJS Executive Search keeps in mind that not all leads are trustworthy, and that every new search brings awareness to past endeavors. Finding the most desirable candidate with the experience and skill set to succeed is most important, iPhone not included.

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