Going Beyond LinkedIn

It is no secret that recruiters rely heavily on LinkedIn’s database that consists of over 200 million members. Although recruiters pay a premium for LinkedIn membership, one cannot rest on their laurels and rely solely on LinkedIn.

linkedin-logoGoing beyond LinkedIn involves getting back to recruiting roots. When I starting recruiting 20 years ago, research consisted of rummaging through filing cabinets looking for the resumes of candidates you would call the following day. Presently the practice is similar, the only difference being, the information is simply organized into the confines of my personal computer. Even with the tools that make it easier and level the playing field, its still about how you use it, how you sift through it with a discerning eye, and going beyond it.

LinkedIn profiles display what the candidate wants you to see, not what your particular search keywords consist of. Because of this, it is important that as part of a complete search that we find other ways to complete the vetting process.

A complete search always consists of elements beyond LinkedIn. Finding qualified candidates goes far outside the confines of a professional profile. A typical search consists of sifting through conference speaker rosters in relevant fields, byline articles by industry leaders, personal blogs, and authors with applicable knowledge.

Has LinkedIn opened the door for so called “professional recruiters” to run rampant in my field of work? I have seen my fair share of poorly conducted searches with lackluster results. Without traditional networking, which includes face to face meetings and conversing over the phone, LinkedIn is just another tool on the belt of an unskilled craftsmen.

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