Introducing "Transformational Talent"

Last Thursday, we launched a new group on LinkedIn, and we’re excited to tell you about it. It’s called Transformational Talent, and it’s a global network dedicated to the re-imagination of business worldwide.

As corporate America continues to shrink, there will always be a place for transformational talent. We know. As an executive search firm in a time of exciting advances, we’ve often been retained to identify people for functions that have never before existed. Throughout the past decade, we’ve seen the largest, most established corporations transform themselves simply by embracing new technologies (sometimes ahead of the pack), and building new divisions—beginning with key executives—to address these technologies and opportunities. These “transformational” new executives have frequently come from unexpected places: outside verticals, leading edge skill sets, start-ups, agencies, and other surprising sources.

We’ve learned that the key principle is absolutely intangible. It’s not so much about sector or even functional expertise as it is about reinvention. If you’re in a global corporation, it’s about traveling in a new direction. If you’re a potential candidate, it’s about being willing to envision yourself in an entirely new role. Either way, it isn’t something that can be quantified: it’s about discovery, innovation, reinvention, and no less than a new world order.

And that’s what our new LinkedIn group is all about. We’ll share ideas, experiences, information, news, and discussion points. We’ll draw upon each other as resources—and make connections across the globe. Down the line, we might host events or educational sessions. For now, we are looking to increase our membership.

Now, we invite interested senior executives to email us at ttgroup@mjsearch.com for admission to the group. In two days, the group gained a dozen members, and it’s growing quickly. We are specifically looking for SVPs, senior directors, and other thought leaders with marketing, PR, communications, social media, technology, and HR roles in Consumer Products, Technology, Finance, and other sectors.

Please make your comments below. If you have any questions about this new group, let us hear them!

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